I tried CBD suppositories for cramps - this is what I think

Lately, the CBD trend is getting a bit overwhelming. I am a heavy user myself, I love the tinctures, the pills, and the edibles. They make me feel calm and joyful and I love trying new CBD products! To be honest, I believe in the power of Cannabis in general, the only problem is that smoking weed lately can make me really anxious. And I don’t need anything to trigger anxiety in my Aquarius-overthinking mind.

What used to make me feel sad about not being able to smoke weed is that I used to smoke whenever I was on PMS. It was such a good cramp reliever! So when I started to feel this side effect of overthinking and feeling anxious for no reason when I smoked, I had to quit. But then this amazing CBD trend started to pick up and after studying about it I found out that is totally possible to still take advantage of the pain-reliever effect of hemp without having to get high. And this is life changing!

When researching for ways to make my period less painful with natural remedies, I came across Foria. Foria is a brand that sells Basics CBD Suppositories that deliver the soothing, tension-melting effects of CBD directly where it's needed! Compared with CBD edibles and tinctures, these suppositories activate local receptors much faster.


Foria Basics Suppositories are formulated for relief during your period, to provide pelvic & lumbar muscular relaxation, and to soothe local inflammation & discomfort. Each suppository contains 100mg of our pristine broad-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract, carried in 100% organic & fair-trade cocoa butter.

Day one: Is 6 pm in the afternoon. I go to the bathroom to pee and see a bit of blood coming out. I got my period. My roommate was having a party and I was not excited to have a lot of people over because usually, I get strong cramps and headache a couple of hours after I start to bleed. So it's the perfect time to try the Foria CBD suppositories for the first time! 30 minutes in and I already feel a deep but yet soothing relaxation. I feel good and I am able to enjoy the party over a glass of wine! Amazing!

Day 2: This is usually a hard day for me. I tend to bleed a lot and get really moody! After waking up in the morning I applied another suppository. It did calm the pain and made me feel way less grumpy. I do have to admit that in the middle of the day I had to take a Midol for the pain. It was intense and I just wanted to sleep.

Day 3: Pain-free. I applied the suppository once and I feel good and relax the whole day. No need for pills.

This is a product I will be faithful to. If you are someone who has just a little discomfort while on your period, this will change your life. I bet you will never have to take pills for cramps again! If you have intense pain, this will help you a lot and relax you, treating your cramps topically and holistically, since it's a natural ingredient. You might need to take a pill or two during your days, but this suppository will be your new best friend for sure!